A Little Information

The party returns to Morgil's Hold to hear from their informant.

(October 18th Game Night)

After bolstering their party ranks with Blunder and Graeak, the Witch of the Wilds and her companions bid Hawkstone farewell and made their way to the settlement of Morgil’s Hold. The day’s journey was blessedly uneventful, and soon after arriving at their destination, they were contacted by an agent of Kel.

She was a slim, pale woman who did not offer her name, but she had a great many answers to questions the party had.

  • Merikus had many contacts among both the local dragonborn and the gnoll tribes.
  • While the Stalking Wind gnoll tribe were the peaceful gnolls that wanted trade with Morgil’s Hold, Merikus more often had dealings with the Bloody Claw. The Bloody Claw were among the more aggressive and bloodthirsty gnolls, who claimed a demonic heritage and were devout followers of Yeenoghu, the demon lord of savagery and slaughter.

(More to come soon!)



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