Beneath the Malachite Fortress

Game Session 8

It was with great concern that the Heroes of Hawksbridge regrouped after their latest battle. Their elven druid, Eth had fallen in combat, and their drow rogue, Shivra was too gravely wounded to move on her own. In a feat of incredible strength and endurance, the powerful minotaur warden Malroc hefted both limp bodies over his massive shoulders and the party set off back toward the village of Hawksbridge.

The seriousness of the situation demanded that the party not rest until they were safely in the confines of Hawksbridge. Luckily, fate was with them and they returned to the village without further incident. Serida, the cleric of Threecoins Chapel, was able to revive the fallen druid as she had with Luak, but she warned the party that she could not keep performing such miracles, for the afterlife cannot be avoided forever. Their next casualty may prove to be a permanent loss, lest the Raven Queen come looking for the wayward soul.

The party kept their return to Hawksbridge as brief as possible, for they were eager to return to the road. Shivra had suggested the idea that perhaps the orcs had not found whatever they were looking for, and maybe the party had scared them off before they had unearthed their prize. She suggested they make haste to return, lest the orcs make it back to the Malachite Fortress before them, and find whatever treasure they sought.

(More to come soon!)



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