lyris's log

a history of the vale

Tonight I was present for two amazing feats. Not only did the aged sentinel and the lost soul destroy a Beholder (Although it appeared to have been dead and moving for some time). But a legendary weapon was bonded by a great deed. I was originally skeptical when we read about them in the Eladrin libraries that an artifact could react to a deed instead of its wielder activation. Although I was not actually conscious to see the event l, I have had the witch and the tinkerer describe it to me many times. Sadly the witch’s descriptions lack much in desired verbiage to be academic and the tinkerer descriptions lie firmly with the mechanical interactions of arcane forces. All in all it seems fortuitous that we believed the demon Eater sword to be the only effective method of destroying the loumara instead of merely banishing it temporarily, for it lead to this miraculous magical event.
And so the post ruined village of Bahirin was freed of its domineering blight.

I would like to check in on Rhogar’s relatives and actually get to talk to a dragonborn scholar (if they exist) now that the villagers are not actively avoiding us. But I fear it would be best if we arrived back in Morgil’s Hold before the news of the liberation. And I will have to say as much to my companions.

XX year XX season.


Love it!!!

lyris's log

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