Success and Failure

With the demon vanquished in village of Bahirin, the party set out to find information that tied Merikus to the evil that has been happening in the area. They talk to many villagers and learned about ways the demon was keeping the entire village at bay, like possessing a rebellious villager and having them kill their own family, only to to relinquish control in time to watch the light fade from there eyes. Now knowing why Rhogar was working with Merikus, they searched for what was left of his family. They gave the party a family ring to give to Rhogar as proof that they, and the village, was free from the control of the demon.

With all the information they gathered and an entire village as proof of Merikus’s evil deeds, the party spared no time to travel back to Morgil’s Hold to confront Merikus and prove his guilt. After traveling for two days straight wiht no rest the group made it back to Morgil’s Hold and devised a plan to get Merikus and bring him to justice. Surrounding his place of business Blunder, Graeak, and Lyris went in to the shop to look for the owner, under the impression that they were ordinary customers, while Alena and Marcus covered the back door. After subtly trying to get Merikus to confess, Lyris decides the more direct approach and out right accuses Merikus of his connection to the demon in Bahirin and the Bloodclaw, a violent clan of Kobolds he’s been trading with.

Not liking the public outburst that will surely ruin his name in the city, Merikus takes action and a large fight breaks out between Merikus, his henchmen, and the heroic party. Determined to tarnish Merikus’s name, Blunder runs out of the store and shouts “demonic chanting, I heard demonic chanting in the store!”. After some time has past, the fight proves to be trickier than the party imagined as the Tiefling assassin disappears and reappears seemingly at will, the group start to waver. Battered and beaten the group starts to think about retreating, only to find it’s too late. As Alena carries a bloodied Marcus out the back door of the shop, Lyris flees out the front just in time to see Blunder and Graeak fall inside. Worse still, Lyris then witnesses Merikus deliver the final blow in cold blood to her downed comrades.

Now defeated and separated Lyris, Alena and Marcus find a places to hide as Merikus’s men search the city, hoping that that can somehow find each other and bring vengeance to the man that has taken their friends.



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