Survival in the Mines

Game Session 9

In the depths of one of the mine passages, the Heroes of Hawksbridge battled a number of Abyssal beasts and a large, beastial, and terrifying demon that came through a portal, as well as an evil spellcaster. With the group tired and bloodied, Malroc decided it be best to head back up to the mine entrance and rest in one of the rooms of the Malachite Fortress. After barricading the door as the best they could, they settled in for a much needed rest. A good night’s rest seems to be too good to be true… and it was.

Mid-way through the night, their presence did not go unnoticed. The interruption by a patrolling group of foes didn’t prove to be difficult, but not having gotten a full night rest made it challenging. Once the battle was done, the group finished their rest and decided to head back down into the mines to search for the orb.

Now taking a different passage the Heroes of Hawksbridge encountered a nest of kruthiks, bug-like, reptilian creatures that swarmed the party from many holes in the cave tunnels. Their unusual tactics made the battle interesting, but the heroes prevailed.

Once they regrouped, they decided to keep heading forward. After a few hours travel through dark and dank tunnels, the passage opened up to a giant cavern. This cavern had a ominous and powerful essence about it with dead bodies littering the ground. A large rift split the cavern in two and only a natural rock bridge connected the two sides. Slowly the group crept up to the narrow bridge alert and ready for anything. Malroc started across the bridge with Crono and Eth following close behind while Stravo guarded the rear and Shivra hid in the shadows. Then it happened, the only thing the party wasn’t expecting.

Once the group made it halfway across the chasm, there was a noise, a rustling sound. Before the group knew it, dozens of the dead had risen surrounding them. Being extremely out numbered, the party figured fighting was the only way out so they prepared for battle. Before the fight really got started, there spoke a booming deep voice. The voice announced itself to be “The Watcher”, an entity charged with the mission to protect the orb. Stravo, being the crafty diplomat, convinced the great entity that they shared the same goal. Persuaded, the Watcher told the group of the history of the orb and it’s immense power and the evil it could wield if in the wrong hands.

With the group gaining the entity’s trust, they made a bargain for the Watcher to spare their lives in exchange for the party returning the orb. Not only did the Watcher agree, but also offered some equipment to aid them in their quest.



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