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The party returns to Hawkstone and finds new allies.

(October 4th game night)

The party returns to Hawkstone, carrying the corpse of Brithian Baylond. Upon entering the city, whispers and rumors begin to spread through the streets as people see the company’s reduced numbers and grim cargo. They return to the Magistus Arcantheum and meet with Greagor and show him the corpse and return the fallen wizard’s wand. The old professor is saddened by the revelation of the death of Brithian and his students, as well as the adventurers’ losses. In return for their service to the school, Greagor offers a reward of several valuable gems, as well as free access to the arcane college’s teleportation portal. As the party is leaving, Greagor mentioned that he has a colleague that has many of the same interests as the group, and may be interested in accompanying them. They arrange for a meeting at a later time, then bid the wizard farewell.

Afterwards, the party made their way to The Hall of the Dawnlord, to inform Durgrim Ironedge of the death of both Brathis and Sasha. The dwarf cleric expressed his condolences and reveals that this is not the only recent incident where the Raven Queen has interfered with the ritual to raise the dead. Durgrim voiced his speculation that something or someone in the region has drawn her attention and any attempt to infringe on her sphere of influence may meet a similar backlash.

The party then returned to The Wandering Wyvern, to rest and drink away their sorrows. Later the next day, they were visited by Greagor and his associate, an eccentric-looking gnome named Blunder. Blunder was an artificer, an arcanist with a talent for creating and imbuing magical items. He also had a passion for exploring ancient ruins and uncovering old relics and artifacts. Given the party’s predilection for doing those very things, as well as their reduced numbers, Blunder offered to join their group. With Greagor vouching for his competency, the adventurers agreed and welcomed the gnome to their ranks.

The following morning, after the party members had risen and were eating breakfast, they overheard the common room abuzz with gossip. Apparently during the night, a large stone golem had approach the city walls, but then stood a silent, motionless vigil near the southeastern gate and the main trade road. Curious at this development, the party gathered themselves and went to investigate.

A crowd of people had gathered to gawk at the giant stone construct, but none dared approach. Somewhat nonchalantly, Alena strolled up to the golem and began questioning it. The golem offered little information, just repeating the phrase, “I wait for those who will come, when the time is right.” Frustrated by the lack of any revelation, the party then went to seek out Stravo in hopes that perhaps the golem would react to other adventurers.

Stravo was in the midst of a performance so the party waited, enjoying a beer or wine as the bard plied his trade. After the show ended, the bard rejoined them, and the company made their way back to where the stone golem waited. Again, they spoke to the golem, hoping that the presence of the bard would alter the construct’s response, but the answer was still the same. “I wait for those who will come, when the time is right.”

Unable to offer any other help, Stravo bid them goodnight, and returned to The Wandering Wyvern. The party questioned members of the city watch that stood vigil in sight of the golem, but the Stone Hawks gave little additional insight. Upset by the lack of progress investigating the golem, the party made their way to return to the inn.

On their return, they were waylaid by a number of street thugs and rogues. Without so much of a warning, the thugs ambushed the party and attacked. With the late night streets deserted, the party may have been in for a tough fight. Luckily, they were aided by a solitary stranger, a lone warrior who’s massive fullblade cleaved through the assailant’s ranks. When the penultimate rogue fell, the last attacker threw down their sword and begged the party for mercy.

The warrior who helped the party introduced himself as Graeak Uthadar , an older human male whose broad shoulders and thick arms defied the age his grey hair and beard implied. Seeing the party ambushed, he could not help but rush to their side. The party welcomed his assistance, and if he was available, welcomed him to join theim in their quest against the evil that threatened this land. Graeak agreed to escort the party, offering his protection against the perils that obstructed them.

The lone assassin who surrendered introduced herself as Cassi. A native of Hawkstone, she explained she was an orphan who had turned to a life of crime to survive on the streets. In exchange for her life, she offered to renounce her life of crime and instead find a way to help the party and her new mistress, the Witch of the Wilds. Cassi would keep an ear to the streets for any news or information that would be of interest to the party, and report back as often as possible. Satisfied by this turn of events, the party returned to the inn.

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