*DEAD* Chilly Elementalist


Name: Frae’zarix
Lvl: 11 Sorcerer (Elementalist)
Good Male Dragonborn
Age: 32
Height: 6’1" Weight: 218 lbs Deity:

Base Stats
STR:12 HP Max: 84
CON:22 Defenses
DEX:16 AC: 26
INT:10 Fort: 25
WIS:14 Ref: 22
CHA:21 Will: 27
Resist 5 Cold

Initiative:+8 Speed:6 Passive Insight:22 Passive Perception:22

Skills Feats
Acrobatics 8 Arcane Spellfury +1 to attacks after hitting with sorcerer at-will.
Arcana 12 Improved Defenses +1/2/3 bonus (by tier) to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Athletics 6 Staff Expertise While using a staff as a weapon or implement: +1/2/3 by tier, ranged attacks don’t provoke, +1 reach
Bluff 10 Unarmored Agility +2 AC while wearing cloth armor or no armor
Diplomacy 10 Icy Heart +3 dmg with cold spells, enemies within 2 become slowed if yu take cold dmg.
Dungeoneering 7 Lasting Frost Target hit with cold power gains vulnerable cold 5.
Endurance 16 Race/Class Features
Heal 7 Draconic Heritage Add (Con mod) to healing surge value.
History 7 Dragon Breath / Cold Use dragon breath as an encounter power. Deals Cold damage. Use CON for Dragon Breath
Insight 12 Dragonborn Fury +1 to attacks while bloodied.
Intimidate 12 Elemental Bolt Elemental Bolt power deals cold damage.
Nature 7 Elemental Magic Arcane powers add CON to damage. Use CON for AC.
Perception 12 Escalating Elements Gain Elemental Escalation power and more uses at levels 3, 7, and 13.
Religion 5 Water Elementalist Gain Ice Prison. Gain resist 5 cold.
Stealth 8 Arcane Underpinning +2 Arcana. +1 to attacks against target, until EoNT, after hitting with arcane at-will.
Streetwise 10 Educated Action When you spend an action point, re-roll attack roll before the end of your next turn.
Thievery 8

Elemental Bolt (At-Will)
Ice Prison (At-Will)
Static Charge (At-Will)
Elemental Escalation (Water) (Encounter)
Learned Boost (Encounter)
Dragon Breath (Encounter)
Sudden Scaled (Encounter)
Narrow Escape (Encounter)
Wall of Water (Daily)

Magic Items
Magic Staff +3 (Level 11)
Magic Daggar +2 (Level 6)

Repulsion Armor (Level 12)
Enhancement: +3 AC
Power*Daily: (Minor Action)
Until end of encounter; whenever an enemy moves into an adjacent square, you can push the enemy 1 square as an immediate reaction.

Torc of Justice (Neck Slot, Level 10)
+2 Fort, Ref, Will
Properties: When you spend a healing surge, in addition to gaining its normal benefits, you choose and enemy you can see. Until EoNT, you gain +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls against that enemy.
Utility Power*Daily (Minor Action)
Effect: Bloodied allies within 5 squares of you gain 10 temporary hit points.

Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold heroic tier, level 2)
Properties: You gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls with cold attacks that use the augmented weapon.


Died at the hands of black dragon in the cave chasing a lead to Merikus.


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