Wizard student who saw to much... and decided to do something about it.


Name: Lyris
Lvl: 12 Wizard
Good Female Half-Elf
Age: 29
Height: 5’7" Weight: 119 lbs Deity: Ioun

Base Stats
STR:12 HP Max: 67
CON:17 Defenses
DEX:12 AC: 26
INT:20 Fort: 24
WIS:19 Ref: 26
CHA:11 Will: 27

Initiative:+7 Speed:6 Passive Insight:27 Passive Perception:20 Low-Light Vision

Skills Feats
Acrobatics 7 Enlarge Spell Choose to increase At-will/encounter blast or burst by 1 for -2dmg/die
Arcana 16 Improved Defenses +1/2/3 bonus (by tier) to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Athletics 7 Staff Expertise While using a staff as a weapon or implement: +1/2/3 by tier, ranged attacks don’t provoke, +1 reach
Bluff 8 Unarmored Agility +2 AC while wearing cloth armor or no armor
Diplomacy 10 War Wizardry Your arcane spells take a -5 to attack vs allies, and only deal half normal dmg to allies.
Dungeoneering 15 Race/Class Features
Endurance 11 Dual Heritage Count as elf, half-elf, and human for choosing feats.
Heal 13 Knack for Success You have the knack for success power.
History 11 Group Diplomacy Allies within 10 get +1 to Diplomacy.
Insight 17 Half-Elf Power I am not sure what goes here.
Intimidate 8 Enchantment Apprentice +2 to max distance of forced movement with arcane enchantment powers
Nature 10 Evocation Apprentice If any damage dice show a 1 on arcane evocation powers, re-roll 1 die.
Perception 10 Mage’s Spellbook Gain mages’s spellbook
Religion 16 Evocation Expert Gain a +2 bonus to Endurance checks and Intimidate checks.
Stealth 7 Distance Advantage Gain combat advantage with ranged and area of attacks against flanked enemies
Streetwise 6 Enchantment Expert +2 bonus to bluff checks and Diplomacy checks
Thievery 7 Evocation Expert/Master +2 Endurance and Intimidate/Evocation powers that deal 2 types of damage ignore targets resistance.
Null Co-ordinated Explosion +1 to attack rolls vs all targets of a burst or blast if an ally is in the area of effect.
Null Icy Heart +3 dmg with cold spells, enemies within 2 become slowed if yu take cold dmg.
Null Evocation School Master If an attack power does one or more specific types of damage, ignore resistances to that type. No change for immuneties.

Wizard Utility (Cantrip): Light
Wizard Utility (Cantrip): Ghost Sound
Wizard Utility (Cantrip): Mage Hand
Wizard At-Will: Arc Lightning
Wizard At-Will: Freezing Burst
Wizard At-Will: Magic Missle
Wizard Encounter 1: Icy Terrain
Wizard Encounter 1: Orbmaster’s Incendiary Detonation
Wizard Daily 1: Fountain of Flame
Wizard Daily 1: Sleep
Wizard Utility 2: Charm of Protection
Wizard Utility 2: Moonstride
Wizard Encounter 3: Shock Sphere
Wizard Encounter 3: Icy Rays
Wizard Daily 5: Fireball
Wizard Daily 5: Scattering Shock
Wizard Utility 6: Dimension Door
Wizard Utility 6: Wizard’s Escape
Wizard Encounter 7: Lightening bolt
Wizard Encounter 7: Twist of Space
Wizard Daily 9: Hex of Madness
Wizard Daily 9: Symphony of the Dark
Wizard Utility 10: Blur
Wizard Utility 10: Mass Resistance
Arcane Wayfarer Attack 11: Hammerfall Step
Arcane Wayfarer Utility 12: Wayfarer’s Evasion

Magic Items
Elusive Cloth Armor – Cloth Armor, Lvl 13
Enhancement: +3 AC, Gain +2 bonus to escape checks.
Power(Augment-able)*Daily: (Immediate Reaction Action)

Zephyr Legendary Staff of Elemental Prowess +2 – Weapon, Lvl 12?
Dmg 1d8, Proficiency Bonus: 2, Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls, Critical: +1d6 damage per plus.
Power*Daily (Immediate Interrupt): Use this power when you are attacked by a power with the fire, cold, acid, or lightning keyword. Choose one of those damage types. You and all allies within 2 squares of you gain resist 10 against that damage type until end of your next turn.

Cloak of the Chirurgeon +3 – Neck slot item, Lvl 13
Enhancement +3 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Properties: Gain item bonus to heal checks equal to enhancement bonus.
Power*Daily (Minor Action): An adjacent ally regains 1 healing surge already spent today.

Flame Bracers (heroic tier)
Properties: When you score a critical hit, the target takes 1d6 extra fire damage.
Power*Daily (Minor Action): The next time you hhit with an attack, the target takes 1d6 extra fire damage.

Circlet of Second Chances (Head Slot)
Power*Daily (No Action): Use this power when you fail a saving throw. Reroll the sacing throw, using the second result even if it’s lower.

Wildrunners (Foot Slots)
Properties: When you run move your speed +4, instead of +2.
Power*Daily (Free Action): Use this power when you run. Enemies do not gain combat advantage against you.


Originally from a well-off family in Westreach. Lyris gained the opportunity to study under the Marthell, a master wizard whom made his home near Hawksbridge. It is here that her life took an un-expectantly dark turn. The tower was assaulted by some disguised demons. While Lyris and her colleagues gave battle, Lyris was knocked unconscious (see Wizard’s Intrigue adventure post). While fleeing the horrors of the tower she was ‘rescued’ from a Satyr by the Heroes of Hawksbridge.


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