Lady Sasha the Lightbringer, a Priestest of Pelor


Sasha, Level 10
Deva, Cleric|Warlord, Multiclass Invoker
Hybrid Warlord Option: Combat Leader
Hybrid Cleric Option: Battle Cleric’s Lore

STR 12, CON 14, DEX 8, INT 14, WIS 21, CHA 22

AC: 27 Fort: 21 Ref: 20 Will: 25
HP: 71 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 17 Initiative: +14

Diplomacy +16, Heal +15, Perception +15, Religion +14

RACIAL Deva Encounter: Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes
Astral Majesty: +1 Bonus to All Defenses Against Attacks made by Blooded Creatures
Astral Resistance: Resist 10 Necrotic and 10 Radiant Damage
CLASS Warlord Encounter: Inspiring Word x1
Cleric Encounter: Healing Word x1
Cleric Channel Divinity: Healer’s Mercy
Warlord Feature: Combat Leader (All Gain a +2 Power Bonus to Initiative)
POWERS Cleric At-Will: Astral Seal
Warlord At-Will: Direct the Strike
Warlord Attack 1: Powerful Warning
Warlord Attack 1: Destructive Surprise
Warlord Utility 2: Heroic Effort (Warlord)
Cleric Attack 3: Hymn of Resurgence
Cleric Attack 5: Iron to Glass
Cleric Utility 6: Stream of Life
Cleric Attack 7: Denunciation
Cleric Attack 9: Rebuke Violence
Warlord Utility 10: Instant Planning
FEATS Level 1: Divine Secretkeeper
Level 1: Ritual Caster
Level 2: Hybrid Talent
Level 4: Staff Expertise
Level 6: Pacifist’s Reward
Level 8: Battle Intuition
Level 10: Improved Defenses

Eladrin Fine Silk Clothing (300g), Adventurer’s Kit, Silk Rope (50 ft.)
Holy Symbol, Cure Moderate Potion
Benefactor Drakescale Armor +2
Healer’s Brooch +2 (add +2Hp to all Healing keywords)
Staff +2 (Weapon of Healing, add +2Hp to all Healing keywords)

Brew Potion x1
Create Holy Water x1
Cure Disease x2
Remove Affliction x2
Raise Dead x1


On the highest of mountain peaks within the Kingdom of Atria, the clearest of skies and the most brilliant dawn, a Deva was reborn in a sacred meadow. Sasha opened her eyes for the first time, and looking upon the radiant sun a rush of memories flashed through her mind. Sitting at Pelor’s table in the Astral Sea, glimpses of her past lives and the wars she lead to conquest over evil. She is now called to service once again, as the “Lightbringer”.

As a servant of Pelor, Sasha is part of a group of priestesses that have take a vow of non-violence and will always find ways to avoid violence. Always watchful of evil, not all enemies are willing to set their hatred aside. Should battle erupt despite her best efforts, Sasha shall be the calm within the storm. The weak, the weary and the wounded find solace in her presence.

Sasha stands a head taller than most humans, with a slender figure, dressed in elegant flowing silks and polished scale armor, and a headdress that resembles a crown or halo. Her unearthly beauty is unmatched by most mortals; soft pale skin seen with intricate divine patterns with faint purple highlights. Her long straight, soft pale hair gently hangs down to her lower back, and she glides with no sudden movements as she walks. While sitting or standing, Sasha remains almost perfectly still, except for the occasional blinking of her eyes.

At her side stands a vigilant guardian, named Marcus. These warriors are followers of Bahamut known as the Platinum Sentinels, raised from an early age and trained in arms and faith to keep these priestesses safe as they journey fourth into the world.


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