Trinkstein Trollbane

The adventurous dwarf invoker, and devout follower of Moradin. (Deceased)


Name: Trinkstein Trollbane
Lvl: 5 Invoker
Age: 74
Height: 4’4" Weight: 183 lbs

Base Stats
STR:10 HP: 42
CON:16 Defenses
DEX:12 AC: 21
INT:17 Fort: 16
WIS:19 Ref: 16
CHA:13 Will: 17

Initiative:3 Speed:5 Passive Insight:16 Passive Perception:16 Low-Light Vision

Skills Feats
Acrobatics 2 Ritual Casting Lvl.1 Comrade’s Succor
Arcana 10 Initiate of the Faith Cleric MC Healing Word 1/day
Athletics 1 Implement Expertise +1 Feat Bonus to atk rolls w/Implement Powers
Bluff 3 Insightful Preservation Preservers Rebuke grants 3+IntMod Temp HP to triggering ally
Diplomacy 3
Dungeoneering 8 Race/Class Features
Endurance 12 Cast-Iron Stomach +5 Save vs. Poison
Heal 6 Stand your Ground Move 1 less when forced, Save vs being knocked prone
History 10 Resilience Second wind as a Minor action"
Insight 6 Channel Divinity: Preservers Rebuke When Divine daily, encounter power is used slide 1 ally within 10sq, 1sq
Intimidate 3
Nature 6
Perception 6
Religion 10
Stealth 2
Streetwise 3
Thievery 2

At Wills:
Sun Strike – Standard – Ranged 10 – One Creature – Wis(8) vs Ref – Hit:1d8Wis(5) and slide 1 target 1 square.
Grasping Shards – Standard – Area, burst 1 within 10 – Each Creature in burst – Wis(+8) vs Fort – Hit:Wis Mod damage and target is slowed until end of my next turn.

Chains of Carceri – Standard – Area, burst 1 within 10 – Each Creature in burst – Wis(8) vs Ref Hit:2d8Wis(5) and target is slowed
Thunder of Judgment – Standard – Ranged 10 – One, two, or three creatures – Wis(8) vs Fort – Hit:1d6Wis(5) thunder, or if targeting only 1, 2d6+Wis(5) thunder and target is dazed until end of my next turn.
Channel Divinity: Preserver’s Rebuke – Immediate Reaction – Personal – Trigger: An enemy within 10 hits an ally. – Effect:Bonus to hit vs triggering enemy equal to Int(3) until end of next turn.
Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead – Standard – Close burst 5 – Each undead creature in blast – Wis(8) vs Will – Hit:2d10Wis(5) radiant dmg, Push target 2, and daze until end of my next turn.



Trinkstein studied in his ‘youth’ as a cleric of Moradin. After a couple years of devotion through rhetoric he felt a deeper call of service to the gods. This call prompted his ability to channel their power directly. Being the 4th heir to the Trollbane house, he had little responsibility to remain in Baldorak. Furthermore he is a follower by nature, which puts him at odds with his families innate urge to lead. This is what allowed him to travel afar in search of knowledge in the service of Moradin.

Setting off on a personal quest to found or expand a settlement in the Cairn Hills. He has taken the long way around learning much of the people outside of his families holds. In the time since he has arrived in the Hawkstone Valley he has been on a sight seeing tour. Ingratiating himself with locals and subtly finding help for his greater mission. Simply put he has fallen in love with this area.

Trinkstein Trollbane

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