Goblin Sorcerer


Vraag is the de facto leader of remnants of the Redhand Goblin Tribe. Extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and well-spoken for a goblin, Vraag is an exceptional goblin. He has a natural talent for channeling storm magic, even if he doesn’t fully understand how or why he casts spells.

Since his people were chased from the ruins of the Malachite Fortress by orcs and minotaurs, Vraag has sought to find a peaceful place for his tribe to rebuild. Under his leadership, the goblin tribe has been much more harmonious and peaceful, not the raiding, bloodthirsty savages that are many other goblin tribes. He feels indebted to the Heroes of Hawksbridge and considers them to be friends and allies. He will go out of his way to help them at any personal cost.


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