Ybar Rahim

Undead wizard



Ybar Rahim is an undead wizard that resides in a tower in the Lakesrim Mountains. Despite being in the service of an elemental cultist leader, Ybar Rahim has no loyalty to his master and has revealed that his service is forced. He has met with a group of adventurers and agreed to help them defeat his master. In return, he enlisted their aid in recovering a magical gemstone of great importance to him.

In life, Ybar Rahim was a human wizard who was obsessed with elemental power in all its forms. His obsession was so great that even beyond death, he engineered a continued existence to further his studies and experiments. He has recovered several warforged who now serve as his bodyguard, as well as harnessing several elemental spirits that he uses to power golems or traps that defend his tower.

Ybar Rahim has not revealed the circumstances that have led to his forced servitude to the cult leader. Ybar Rahim keeps watch on the lands surrounding his tower and let the elemental cult use the tower as an outpost and waypoint for the cult’s attacks on the nearby settlements.

Ybar Rahim

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