Lord Zandor the Valiant (KIA)


Zandor, level 12
Dragonborn, Paladin (Cavalier)|Warlord, Valiant Cavalier
Background: Auspicious Birth

STR 21, CON 13, DEX 15, INT 11, WIS 14, CHA 21

AC: 31 Fort: 27 Ref: 26 Will: 27
HP: 99 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 27 Initiative +14

Athletics +12, Endurance +11, Insight +13, Intimidate +18

RACIAL Dragonborn Racial Power Option: Dragonfear
Dragonborn Fury: +1 to hit while bloodied
CLASS Cavalier Feature: Defender Aura 1, marked enemies not subject to aura
Cavalier Feature: Righteous Radiance (+11 radiant damage)
Warlord Feature: Inspiring Word x1
Warlord Feature: Combat Leader (All Gain a +2 Power Bonus to Initiative)
VALIANT CAVALIER Virtuous Health: Gain +2 bonus to saving throws, and immunity to diseases of your level or lower
Cavalier’s Action: Spend a AP and gain +2 attack bonus until end of next turn, +4 bonus if a bloodied ally is within 5
POWERS Paladin At-Will: Ardent Strike
Warlord At-Will: Brash Assault
Warlord Attack 1: Powerful Warning
Warlord Attack 1: Frost of Letherna
Paladin Utility 2: Virtue
Paladin Attack 3: Avenging Smite
Paladin Attack 5: Stand the Fallen
Warlord Utility 6: Rousing Words
Warlord Attack 7: Vengeance is Mine
Warlord Attack 9: Knightly Intercession
Warlord Utility 10: Enter the Crucible
Valiant Cavalier Attack 11: Beacon of Valor
Valiant Cavalier Utility 12: Banner of Valor
FEATS Level 1: Hybrid Talent (Paladin Armor Proficiency)
Level 2: Devout Protector Expertise
Level 4: Harlequin Style (Brash Assault, +Chr to all defenses)
Level 6: Toughness
Level 10: Improved Defenses
Level 11: Battle Awareness (Multiclass Fighter)
Level 11: Ubiquitous Shield
Level 12: Superior Will

Adventurer’s Kit, Silk Rope (50 ft.)
Vigilant Blade Longsword +2
Vanguard’s Heavy Shield.
Dwarven Gith Plate Armor +3
Amulet of Protection +3
Boots of the Shadowed Path
Iron Armbands of Power (heroic)
Restful Bedroll
Magebred Destrier (warhorse mount)
Impenetrable Barding (heroic)
Potion of Regeneration (heroic) x4



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