Unforgettable Cudgel Mace +4

weapon (melee)

Krovax, the Dark Sun Is an Unforgettable Cudgel Mace +4

On a critical hit, it can do either +4d6 damage, or daze the opponent. (Save ends)

Divine Characters can use Krovax as a holy symbol implement for divine powers.

When used as a weapon or as an implement for a divine melee attack power, Krovax can score a critical hit on natural rolls of 19-20.


Krovax is a mace, whose head, spikes, and shaft are all made of the same dull, silvery metal. The weapon’s grip is wrapped in blackened dragonhide. Krovax glows with a faint, pale white radiance and when swung, trails white and black light from each swing.

Krovax was crafted by a priest of Moradin, seeking vengeance for loved ones slain by evil elementals. It was imbued with goodly power, crafted for service to a good god, but the hatred and anger of its creature infused the weapon. Its past wielders have been prone to violent and deadly outbursts. Krovax has the dark reputation for its owners dying in battle, as it leads its wielder to seek increasingly difficult challenges.

Once lost for over a thousand years, Krovax was given to the dwarven cleric Narrin Ahnkheart, in return for releasing the spirits of clerics cursed to guard a long-forgotten temple of Moradin.


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