The Spellmaster's Blade

weapon (melee)

The Spellmaster’s Blade
The Sword of House Starym

Vaeros is a legacy item that currently manifests the powers of a +2 Longsword of Arcane Bonds.

Base: +2 enhancement bonus to hit and damage, as a free action, you may mark the target when you hit with an arcane attack power.

10: Any demon hit with an attack power by Vaeros’ wielder gains vulnerable 5 to that attack. If the demon has resistance to that attack type, the demon will instead lose resist 5 against that attack.

12: At the beginning of an encounter, when rolling initiative, you may roll an extra d20, and use the higher number.


Vaeros is a longsword, with a straight blade made of gleaming mithril. The name “Vaeros” is etched in flowing elvish script along the blade, nearest the hilt. Two large, star sapphires adorn either side of the hilt, and they seem to glow with a faint light.

Vaeros is named after its most famous wielder, the tulani eladrin Vaeros, Prince of the Summer Night, member of the Court of Stars and consort of the former fae Queen Titania. A handsome eladrin and a mighty warrior, Vaeros was famed throughout the multiverse and his power was renowned.

Vaeros was slain leading an assault by the eladrin to invade the Abyssal layer of Androlynne, in an attempt to rescue a number of eladrin children unwittingly tricked by the demon lord Pale Night. Vaeros ended the existence of dozens of demons, before he fell to their overwhelming numbers. His eladrin allies retreated, but not before recovering his sword, and the body of their leader. It was returned to his family, and the sword rested in a place of honor for long years, until a mysterious fey creature tried to steal it.

A tradition was then started, that the blade Vaeros should be given to the most skilled and worthy swordmage or bladesinger in the family. Each subsequent wielder accomplished heroic deeds, such as the banishing of the demon Malagash, or the slaying of the black dragon known as Toxin. In a few cases, the owners were slain, but sword always managed to find its way home. Prior to its recent discovery, the sword Vaeros had not been seen in nearly one hundred years.

After the death of the famed eladrin, the Witch of the Wilds, Vaeros is presumed to be either in the possession of the tiefling Merikus, or the drow.


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