A hammer imbued with the spirit of dwarf heroes

weapon (melee)

The Truesteel Hammer

Vigilant is a legacy item that currently manifests the powers of a +2 Crusader’s Warhammer.

Base: +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage, half of the damage dealt is radiant damage, this weapon may be used as a holy symbol and adds its enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls when used in this manner. Daily: Gain another use of a Channel Divinity power this encounter.


Vigilant is a warhammer forged by the finest weaponsmiths of the dwarf Clan Truesteel. The hammer is made of an unknown alloy, rumored to be metal gathered from a fallen star. The dwarf-rune Morclad is graven along one side of the hammer, a rune which roughly translates to “Vigilant” in the common tongue.

One of Clan Truesteel‘s many trade enclaves was besieged by undead, massed by a drow priestess who favored undead minions. To answer the threat, the clan’s best weaponsmith began to forge a mighty weapon. As the final enchantments were being laid, the undead attacked the enclave. Rather than let his people suffer another attack, the crafter poured his life energy into the hammer, all while calling for the gods of light to aid him. As he fell, his kinsmen took up the hammer and decimated the undead forces, driving the few that remained deep underground and killing their drow mistress.

Afterward, the hammer became legendary, passing to other worthy heroes, each rising to great heights and performing mighty deeds. It had not been seen in over 60 years, its last owner presumably dying in the fall of Tir Kitor. For a time, it came into the possession of Brathis, a paladin of Pelor. Brathis was slain in a battle with the servants of the Raven Queen and his body carried into her realm. It is presumed that Vigilant was still on Brathis’ body.


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