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  • Grey Mountains

    The Grey Mountains, and the neighboring [[Greywood]] forest are renown for their strong fey presence. The large eladrin city of [[Tol Amrothir]] lies hidden within the mountains. Return to the [[Geography]] of Andrannar page

  • Greywood

    The Greywood is a forest in western Andrannar that is renown for its strange fey inhabitants. It has a mysterious reputation as few non-fey are allowed beyond its borders. Return to the [[Geography]] of Andrannar page

  • Eardrannath

    Eardrannath is a remote elf and eladrin city on the western coast of Andrannar, nestled within the [[Greywood]]. Also known called the Last Haven, Eardrannath is home to the very young and the old and the infirm among the elves and eladrin. It is …

  • Moonshadows

    The Moonshadows are an elite order of guardians, charged with protecting the inhabitants of the city of [[Eardrannath]], in the [[Greywood]]. They are primarily rangers, with a fair number of rogues, wizards, swordmages, and avengers among them as well. …

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