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  • Dragon King

    The ruler of the Kingdom of the Dragon, the Dragon King reigns from the city of [[Enzimuil]]. A dragon of immense size and great age, the Dragon King has defeated numerous adventurers and lesser dragons, defending his throne as the ancient draconic …

  • Angrist Elchaven

    Angrist Elchaven is the hereditary monarch of the city and nation of [[Atria]]. He is widely known as a wise and just ruler, and he is greatly beloved by his people.

  • Eodhrim Galbrad

    King Eodhrim Galbrad is the aging monarch of the nation of [[Galbrador]], a small but prosperous city-state in western Andrannar, on the coast of [[Osseros Bay]]. He is beloved and well-known by his subjects, for the many good and helpful laws he has …

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