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  • Grey Mountains

    The Grey Mountains, and the neighboring [[Greywood]] forest are renown for their strong fey presence. The large eladrin city of [[Tol Amrothir]] lies hidden within the mountains. Return to the [[Geography]] of Andrannar page

  • Thorandurak

    Thorandurak is the largest and mightiest dwarven kingdom in Andrannar. Hidden within the western reaches of the [[Mountains of Iron]], Thorandurak is legendary for the masterful quality of its craftsmen and artisans. It tends to have a highly …

  • Felwar Mountains

    The Felwar Mountains lie in the northeastern part of Andrannar, just to the north of both [[Erebain]] and the [[Fellwood]]. It is known as being the largest mountain chain without the presence of any dwarves. It once housed numerous dwarven fortresses, …

  • Dawnspire Mountains

    The Dawnspire Mountains are a mountain range that extends through the southeastern peninsula that includes [[Twilight Vale]]. It is home to a number of fierce goblin tribes, as well as a few dwarven outposts and remote eladrin towns. Return to the …

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