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  • Oathkeeper

    Oathkeeper is an ancient elven blade, forged from the purest mithril, made for the hereditary guardians of [[Twilight Vale]]. It is simple in design, but the skill involved in its crafting is evident to even the most casual observer. Forgoing any frills …

  • Twilight Vale

    Twilight Vale is the stretch of earth that lies between the [[Dawnspire Mountains]] and the [[Twilight Reach]]. It is a highly magical land, home to the city of [[Twilights Dale|Twilight's Dale]] as well as numerous other fey settlements.

  • Dawnspire Mountains

    The Dawnspire Mountains are a mountain range that extends through the southeastern peninsula that includes [[Twilight Vale]]. It is home to a number of fierce goblin tribes, as well as a few dwarven outposts and remote eladrin towns. Return to the …

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