Bordin Ruthek

Bordin Ruthek is a dwarven male of unknown age who owns and operates the smithy in Hawksbridge. A Master Smith and member of the Crafters, he is renowned the length of the valley for his finely crafted swords and axes, as well as all manner of other tools and ironwork.

Bordin has created something of a rapport with the Heroes of Hawksbridge, and has sold them items he doesn’t normally offer to the casual customer. In addition, he has offered to perform magic crafting rituals for the party at nominal cost, an almost unheard of situation.

He can be found at almost any hour of the day laboring over a glowing piece of steel in the gloomy recesses of his smithy, usually working with his young apprentice, Daran, a 14-year-old half-elf orphan sheltered by Danae Amurren.

Daran has proven to be quite skilled at pattern welding, the little-known art of forge welding many hundreds of layers of finely hammered iron, steel, and nickel into a solid billet from which the finest blades are wrought.

The smithy can be found across the main street from the Crimson Hawk General Store, where local old-timers often enjoy a game of Snakes and Foxes to the steady rhythm of the anvil’s ring and the giant bellows’ soft whoosh.

Bordin Ruthek

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