Completed Quests

  • In recent months, Thoradin Ironstar‘s kinsmen have attempted to start a new mining outpost in the northwestern area of the Redstone Hills. Within the last month or so, all communication with the dwarven settlement has ceased. Troubles around Bronzehammer Halls requires his immediate attention, and Thoradin needs help. Fearing the worst, Thoradin has asked for the party’s assistance in discovering his clansmen’s fate.

    Thoradin’s kin were all killed, murdered by a large group of kobolds aided by a young blue dragon.
  • Some outlying farms and cabins in the area south of Hawksbridge have been ransacked and pillaged. Their inhabitants have gone missing. Donnell Waynwood, captain of the Hawksbridge garrison of the Stone Hawks has asked for the party’s aid in discovering who is attacking these homes and if possible, eliminating these lawless brigands.
    The outlying homes were not attacked by goblins, as previously suspected. An extremely stealthy group of dragonspawn, led by a deadly orc ranger, were responsible. They shifted the blame for the attacks to the goblins, and were hunting the goblins as well. The surviving goblins were moved to a safer location, and many, if not all of the dragonspawn were killed. The orc ranger escaped, and the party returned to Hawksbridge, and informed Donnell Waynwood.
  • The surviving members of the Redhand Goblin Tribe reported that they were attacked and chased from their homes in the ruins of the Malachite Fortress, an ancient and devastated dwarven settlement. Vraag, the goblins’ new leader, remembered that it was a force of minotaurs and their orc allies that forced the goblins out of their homes. The invaders seemed more interested in the dwarf ruins than the resident goblins and slaughtered the tribe almost completely. The party seeks the Malachite Fortress, to discover why the minotaurs wanted to control the ruins so badly.
    Completed: The minotaurs and orcs were looking for, and apparently found, an object only referred to as The Orb. The surviving enemies presumably took the object and returned to their allies in the Beast Plains.
  • Serida Bonhart, head priestess of Avandra at Threecoins Chapel in the village of Hawksbridge, had been poisoned, presumably while dining in the busy common room at the Rest on the Run Inn. One of the only clerics in the area capable of performing the ritual necessary to resurrect the fallen goliath, Luak. She has lain in bed, near dead herself, for the last four days.
    Completed: With a great amount of studying, as well as using his skills at healing and alchemy, the druid Eth Elleric was able to determine the poison used against her and brew the proper antidote. She has since recovered fully.
  • While in the Malachite Fortress, the party met and defeated a gauth (a lesser type of beholder) and a pair of goblins that had been warped, twisted, and empowered by some unknown force. In addition, they also found a recently uncovered portal that was guarded and attended to by demons and a dark, human cultist.
    Completed: The party discovered that an ancient, dark power of the Abyss (the same energy that created the Orb) altered these goblins into a twisted and unnatural form, as well as drawing the evil and aberrant monstrosities (which go against all that is natural) to gather in the depths of the fortress.
  • In the crypt beneath the Gryffonsheld estate, in the ruins of Tir Kitor, the party encountered the spirit of a former city High Wizard. It informed them of the primordial Ty-h’kadi, restrained beneath the city by the wards of the High Wizards. If the bodies of the High Wizards are destroyed, the ward will be broken and the primordial released. The party seeks for a way to keep the wizards’ remains safe, or a more permanent way to ensure Ty-h’kadi remains bound.
    Completed: The party found the bound primordial, Ty-h’kadi. Using chain links given by the servants of the gods, the party was able to direct divine energies to permanently seal the primordial beneath the city. In doing so, the ward separating Tir Kitor from the rest of the world fell, freeing the elemental minions trapped within.
  • A cyclops and his ogre minions have been attacking travelers within the Gleaming Forest. The leaders of the city of Merithalar have asked the party to kill the cyclops leader and end the attacks on their citizens.
    Completed: The party killed many of the ogres, as well as their leaders, a cyclops, and a spellcasting ettin.
  • Brithian Baylond, a wizard and professor at the Magistus Arcantheum has gone missing on a research expedition. He and a group of students left to examine an ancient Dalaran wizard’s ruined home. The researchers began their study and were making progress when communication abruptly ceased. They have not been heard from for several weeks. The party has been asked to discover the wizard’s fate, and in the event of Brithian’s demise, to recover his ivory wand and return it to the arcane college.
    Completed: Brithian and his apprentices had been killed by an incubus demon who had been masquerading as Lyris‘s old master, Marthell. The party made the demon flee and they recovered the fallen wizard’s body and wand.

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