The Fellowship of the Crafters, also simply referred to as the Crafters, is a guild of various types of craftsmen who ply their trade in Hawkstone Vale and beyond. They are serious, dedicated, and highly skilled in their chosen trade. The Crafters are known to have a base of operations in both Hawkstone and Mythas.

No mere merchant’s guild, there is more to this organization than merely a shared love of creating things. The Crafters’ symbol of a crossed sword and hammer, above an anvil, before a starburst, is actually the merging of the symbols of three gods, Bahamut, Pelor, and Moradin. This triumvirate of deities were responsible for the victory over the primordials during the Dawn War, and members of the fellowship seek to emulate their deeds. They are a devoted and devout group that seeks to hinder, imprison, or destroy any surviving primordials, or their followers.

The Fellowship has been approached by the Firebrand Merchant Guild several times, in an attempt to merge and consolidate the two organizations. The Crafters are staunchly independent and have rebuffed several offers, leading to something of a rivalry between the two.

Known Crafters

Alek Erevis, human male, based in Hawkstone.

Garen, human male, shop owner, and friend of Alek Erevis, based in Hawkstone.

Greagor, human male wizard, senior professor at the Magistus Arcantheum in Hawkstone.

Theren, elf male and friend of Alek Erevis, wanders the wilderness between Hawkstone and Westreach.


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