Erebain is both a nation and city with a dark reputation, and in this case, it is completely deserved. The city is home to the last known Magelord of Necromancy, Narroch the Black Crown.

Erebain sits on the northern coast of Osseros Bay, with both Galbrador and Irdannon as its coastal neighbors. The Fellwood lies along the northern frontier of Erebain, which logs it extensively both lumber and firewood. It also maintains the fortress of Ravens Keep in the Felwar Mountains, to guard against possible incursions from the dragon kingdom of Enzimuil.

Erebain maintains a fair amount of trade with Irdannon, Galbrador, and Frostreach. Aside from the foreign trade, Erebain supports itself with lumber and forestry, as well as a great deal of mining and smelting of ore and minerals from the Felwar Mountains. A small number of ranchers and farmers work the little arable land near the city, but they receive a large portion of their foodstuffs from either hunting, fishing, or foreign trade.

Nearly constant no matter what time of year, the population of Erebain numbers around 15,000 citizens. The great majority of its inhabitants are human, nearly nineteen out of twenty. The rest of the population is made up of mostly half-elves, half-orcs, and tieflings. Because of its ties to necromancy, as well as the way Erebain heedlessly cuts down the forest, most elves, eladrin, and gnomes shun the nation entirely. The dwarves mysteriously lost a number of dwarven fortresses in the Felwar Mountains, and many of the stout folk believe that Erebain and the Black Crown had a hand in their disappearance. Because of the numerous border disputes and conflicts with Enzimuil, dragonborn are not welcome in the city at all.

Erebain’s undisputed leadership begins and ends with Narroch the Black Crown, the Magelord of Necromancy. His will is absolute, enforced by the Black Legion, which doubles as the city guard and the standing army. An infamous portion of the Legion is the Skull Guard, an undead contingent of the army that serves as both fodder and shocktroops. The Black Legion is led by Devris Tal, a cruel and cunning man who ruthlessly engages in battle at the slightest provocation.

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