Galbrador is an independent, human kingdom on the southern coast of Osseros Bay. It is an orderly, strictly regimented city that is ruled by King Eodhrim Galbrad IV. Galbrador lies between the major cities of Belgarand, Twilight’s Dale, Irdannon, and Erebain and consequently, does a lot of trade and commerce with its many neighbors.

Galbrador is a primarily human city and kingdom, although other races are not unknown there. It is large, as cities go, with a population of approximately 17,000 people. While nine out of ten citizens are human, the most common other races are dwarves, halflings, half-elves, and dragonborn. Few of the fey races enter the city, although one prominent eladrin noble and his retinue have made their homes in the city.

Open trade and the free market is the major source of income and the heart of the economy of Galbrador. So many goods and services are available throughout the markets of the city that it is said that you can obtain any service in Galbrador that you desired. Much of the secondary trade in Galbrador is in the fishing trade, as well as the construction of ships.
  • Galbrador is led by King Eodhrim Galbrad, the fourth of his name. The nation of Galbrador has been under the leadership of the Galbrad family for thousands of years, dating back to its founding.

  • The current leader of the Galbradoran Guard is Lord General Kressine d’Vrane, an even-tempered woman who encourages the use of adventurers and mercenaries to aid the Guard in the city’s defense.

  • The elite Sable Company is led by Commander Thalinus Edarin, a noble and just man whose dedication to tradition and honor is legendary.

  • Lord Imperator Seaver d’Vrax is the intimidating and mysterious commander of the Order of the Iron Thorn, a ruthless and elite group of religous warriors who are authorized to act as judge, jury, and executioner on behalf of the city.

  • Judge Zenovia Zanderhoff is the city of Galbrador’s chief arbiter. Known as the Headsman’s Judge, her reputation is justifiably fearsome to any who would break Galbrador’s laws.

The Galbradoran Guard is the primary force responsible for policing, guarding, and protecting the city. It works closely with both political and church leaders to act as most frequently a police force. When external forces threaten the city and nation of Galbrador, the Galbradoran Guard can muster an army of nearly a few thousand.

The Sable Company is famed for the skill and prowess of its highly trained members, most notably their griffon riders, who defend the skies and provide long-range and aerial support for the Galbradoran Guard when they require it.

The Order of the Iron Thorn, often simply referred to as Hellknights, are fanatical about upholding and enforcing the law. As a religion, they tend to venerate the more strict, militaristic, and lawful aspects of Asmodeus, Bane, and Kord. While viewed as harsh and unyielding, the Hellknights strictly hold to their own sense of honor. The Order of the Iron Thorn operate unclouded by morality, caring only for the establishment of righteous order at all costs.

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