Game Sessions

The Adventure Logs and Game Sessions for the Hawkstone Vale Campaign


Episode 1 A Hint of Shadows

Episode 2 Marauders of Hawksbridge

Episode 3 A Shifting Perspective
Guest players – Steve Davalle and Gina (Stravo and Eth)

Episode 4 Journey to the Malachite Fortress
Guest player – Chris Stape (Eth)

Episode 5 Shadows and Death

Episode 6 Trouble in Hawksbridge

Episode 7 A Journey Interrupted

Episode 8 Beneath the Malachite Fortress

Episode 9 Survival in the Mines


Episode 10 The Quest Renewed

Episode 11 Troubles at Westfork

Episode 12 The Search for the Dragon’s Lair

Episode 13 Into the Dragon’s Lair

Episode 14 The Battle Renewed

Episode 15 The Wizard’s Intrigue

Episode 16 A Spreading Evil

Episode 17 The City of Hawkstone

Episode 18 In Memory of the Fallen
-D&D Cabin Trip

Episode 19 On the Road to the Fortress

Episodes 20-34 Game Nights Summary

Episode 35 Finding the Path

Episode 36 The Ruins by the Lake

Episode 37 Darkness Gathers

Episode 38 Welcome Assistance

Episode 39 A Little Information

March 7, 2014 Success and Failure

March 21, 2014 An Escape and a Hunt

May 3 and 16, 2014 Darkness triumphant

Very special thanks to all of the players and guest players who helped make our game run smoothly! You’re presence was greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Game Sessions

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