Grinning Dragon Inn

The Grinning Dragon Inn and Tavern in the village of Hawksbridge is one of the most popular stops for both locals and travelers. Owned and operated by the dragonborn Vhonarrys the Grimscale, it is renown for its quality brew, Dragonsbreath Ale, its quiet and comfortable rooms, tolerant and relaxed atmosphere, and delicious food. The proprietor is fond of skewering and roasting an entire boar in the central firepit, serving slabs of meat fresh for his customers.

Vhonarrys has no patience for scuffles or fights within his inn and often keeps the peace in his establishment singlehandedly, throwing troublemakers and rowdies through the front door. He keeps a large, black-bladed war axe over the bar in case things get too out-of-control and on at least three occasions, has used it with deadly effect.

The Grinning Dragon is the most quiet of the three inns in Hawksbridge, but sees steady business. While the inn is often busy, it never seems so. There are private dining rooms in the cellars beneath the common room, where well-paying customers can enjoy a quiet meal, or conduct secret meetings. On many occasions, these private rooms have been rumored to serve as places for romantic liasons, but as long as the customer pays well, Vhonarrys cares not.

Vhonarrys is a discreet owner, protects his customers’ privacy, and does not meddle in affairs that do not concern him or his inn. Those looking to hide or keep a low profile will often make their way here.

Whenever they’re in town, the Hammers of Moradin usually stay at the Grinning Dragon.

Grinning Dragon Inn

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