Hawksbridge is a large village in the central part of the Dragonwater River valley. It is situated above a series of cascades and rapids on the river, so any riverboats carrying goods downstream put ashore at the village and travel overland to resume river travel at the bottom of the rapids. They also have a bridge over the river, for which the village is named. Being at a crossroads of a sort, Hawksbridge sees a fair number of merchants and travelers.

Hawksbridge is home to roughly five hundred permanent inhabitants with the population increasing to over six hundred depending on the trade season. Many more people pass through the village, so the number of people in town at any given time are usually higher than that. While much of their livelihood is due to the merchant trade routes, a fair number of townsfolk make their living from forestry, hunting, and fishing on the river. The majority of the population is human, but half-elves, elves, dwarves, eladrin and halflings aren’t uncommon. Even the occasional dragonborn rarely arouses more than a raised eyebrow or two.

Work had recently finished on the construction of a wooden palisade surrounding the heart of the village. The two main gates stand at either end of town, along the Old Trade Road. Normally only manned by a handful of guards, the watch has been increased in these troubled times.

The village has recently come under attack by an invading army of orcs, minotaurs, and their allies. They barely repelled the initial attack, and would have fallen to the invaders but for the sacrifice of Serida Bonhart. The cleric of Avandra fought her way to the center of the nearby bridge and invoked a mighty wrath, destroying many enemies, much of the bridge, and presumably herself.

The once peaceful village now looks like a war-ravaged outpost, as more soldiers arrive in anticipation of another battle.

Town NPC’s

Taerin Kreed, Hawksbridge’s mayor.

Barristan Hark, Magistrate and cleric of Bahamut.

Brannock Foss, Sheriff of Hawksbridge.

Lannister Stone, Head of the local branch of the Firebrand Merchant Guild.

Donnell Waynwood, Sergeant and leader of the local detachment of Stone Hawks.

Marthell, a mysterious and reclusive arcane spellcaster who resides in a tower not far from the village. (Dead)

Serida Bonhart, Cleric of Avandra and Priestess of Threecoins Chapel. (Presumed dead)

Marek Goodweather, Head Cleric of Threecoins Chapel.

Vhonarrys the Grimscale, Owner and Innkeeper of the Grinning Dragon Inn.

Danae Amurren, Owner and Innkeeper of the Sleeping Wizard Inn and Tavern.

Kettrick Varise, Owner of the Rest on the Run, an inn and tavern.

Ahren Mallister, Owner of the Crimson Hawk General Store.

Bordin Ruthek, Owner of Ruthek Smithy.

Other Adventuring Parties
As the situation in and around Hawksbridge becomes more dangerous, other groups have arrived or emerged from the populace to help deal with the many threats that face the village. Some may be friendly and cooperate with the party, while others make become rivals.

The Hammers of Moradin are a group of dwarves that adventure in the area, led by the paladin Thoradin Ironstar. When in town, they usually lodge at the Grinning Dragon Inn. They are on good terms with the Heroes of Hawksbridge.

The Stoneblades are a group of highly experienced ex-guardsmen, militia, and hunters that have banded together to form an extremely effective adventuring company. Currently employed in Hawksbridge by Lannister Stone and the Firebrand Merchant Guild, they are active in scouring the Redstone Hills and eliminating any threats to Firebrand merchant interests.

News and Rumors in Hawksbridge
- One of the village guardsmen, Corin Wicks, has killed the tiefling assassin that tried to kill Barristan Hark.

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