Hawkstone Vale campaign

This campaign starts in the setting of Hawkstone Vale, in the village of Hawksbridge. It is a fairly balanced campaign, with a slight emphasis in the wilderness and exploration, although many different environments will be encompassed throughout the campaign and will be explored as it progresses.

Character Creation

Character Role
Each character class fills a particular role, identified as either a defender, a striker, a leader, or a controller. A defender is characterized by high AC and high hit points and specializes in defense and keeping the enemy’s focus on him and off of his allies. A striker specializes in focused, high-damage attacks, usually against single targets. Leaders are characterized by offering healing and party support. Controllers specialize in battlefield control and area effects. In addition to the primary role a class fills, many classes, depending on build, feat, and power selection will fill another role in a secondary capacity. A well-balanced party contains at least one character class of each role. If the party has five or six members, it is recommended to first double up on a defender class, with the sixth party member being most likely a striker, although any class can be suitable. It it worthwhile to talk to your fellow players and determine who will fill which particular role. Having a balanced party will offer the greatest flexibility and optimize the success of the adventuring party as a whole.

Generating Ability Scores
Roll 4d6 and choose the three highest numbers. Repeat this for a total of six numbers and record those numbers as one set. Repeat those rolls until you have three sets of six numbers. Choose one set of six numbers from among those three and assign those numbers to your ability scores in any order you choose. If none of the sets you roll are satisfactory, you may take the following six numbers and assign them to your ability scores in any order you choose: 16, 16, 14, 13, 12, 10. The overall ability scores are higher than given in the 4E Player’s Handbook in order to reflect the heroic nature of the PC’s and the challenging nature of the campaign.

Choose a Race and Class

Races of Hawkstone Vale

Classes of Hawkstone Vale

Choose a Character Background(optional)

Hawkstone Vale Character Backgrounds

Creating a Character History

Starting Character History

Settlements of Hawkstone Vale

Bahirin, dragonborn village

Bronzehammer Halls, a dwarven mine and trade outpost

Hawksbridge, human village

Hawkstone, human city

Merithalar, eladrin city

Morgil’s Hold, human keep and village

Teranshire, human village

Thorlian Crest, elven town

Westfork, halfling village

Westreach, human village

Sites of Interest in Hawkstone Vale

The Malachite Fortress, a dwarven ruin in the northern Redstone Hills

The Green Dragon’s Lair, a lair in a hollow butte in the south of the Gleaming Forest

Tir Kitor, a ruined eladrin city in the western vale, just north of the Redstone Hills

Hawkstone Vale campaign

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