Magistus Arcantheum

The Magistus Arcantheum is a small arcane college in the city of Hawkstone. It consists of a small complex of five buildings; a grand lecture hall, a teaching hall with four classrooms, a modest-sized arcane library, a student dormitory, and the master’s quarters. A series of underground passages connect each building to each other, as well as to a central, underground laboratory.

The college was founded by current Headmaster Ovipaedus, a stately, refined human male in his early 40’s. Once a former adventuring companion of Lord Talamius Hawkstone, he founded the school not long after his friend began his rulership of the town.

One of the older professors and senior staff members is Greagor, an enthusiastic scholar of arcane lore and a one-time adventuring member of the Crafters. His standing within both the arcane college and fellowship make him someone of influential personage.

Recently, Brithian Baylond, a long-time professor at the arcane college, took a number of students and apprentices with him to investigate an ancient ruin. The wizard and his students have not been heard from for several weeks and the other professors fear the worst.

Magistus Arcantheum

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