Malachite Fortress

The Malachite Fortress was once a thriving, prosperous dwarven settlement named Nazadhuum, in the northern Redstone Hills. The dwarves here were renown for their skill and craftsmanship. Nearly two hundred years ago, a cataclysm abruptly decimated the fortress, with no known survivors. Other cities and settlements sent adventurers and explorers to discover what happened to the dwarves, but none have ever known to have returned.

Over time, the Redhand Goblin Tribe made their home among the surface ruins of the fortress. Even they never dared venture into the delvings below, wary of whatever nameless evil lurked in the shadowed caverns below. More recently, a group of minotaurs and orcs showed an interest in the ruined fortress. These interlopers slaughtered the goblins and presumably work to uncover something of interest within the ruins.

Through the course of the party’s adventures, they have discovered the presence of a gate to the Abyss in the tunnels beneath the fortress. They also found a mysterious, ancient entity known as the Watcher in the deep caverns below. It is believed that the orcs and minotaurs stole the Orb from the Watcher for some unknown purpose.

The primordial Ty-h’kadi was once imprisoned by the gods Bahamut, Pelor, and Moradin in the caves far beneath the fortress. In the millennia since his binding, his most loyal followers devised a way to release him. He escaped his prison and made his way to the surface, though the Malachite Fortress was in his way. The devastation he wrecked upon the dwarven fortress was swift and complete, and none survived who could tell of his return.

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Malachite Fortress

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