The City of Merithalar

Geography Merithalar is an eladrin city that exists in both the heart of the Gleaming Forest and in the Feywild. The boundaries between the two planes of existence are naturally thin here, and many portals offer an easy transport between the worlds.

Population The city of Merithalar is home to over 5,000 eladrin, living in both the natural world and the Feywild. Despite the predominance of the eladrin here, hundreds of elves, gnomes, and other sociable fey creatures also call Merithalar home. Very few non-fey permanently live within the city, although some do visit.

Rulership Merithalar is governed by a ruling council of five city officials, led by the Corthanor of House Ameryth.

People and Places of Interest

The Dragonslayers Repose, often called The Dragonskull by locals, is a near legendary inn and tavern within the city of Merithalar and is popular among adventurers. The tavern room is famous for the row of eight large dragon skulls that adorn its walls. Felgaur Wyrmsbane, a retired elf ranger who collected no less than six of the skulls on display, is the proprietor.

The Thaless Eluraenen is a college of the arcane in Merithalar. Widely praised for the skilled wizards, bladesingers, and swordmages they produce, the Thaless Eluraenen attracts all manner of applicants. Only the best and brightest of the applicants are ever accepted.

Elath Quel’Luranen is the extensive library close to the heart of Merithalar. The largest known surviving library closest to the heart of ancient Dalar, the library here houses much of the knowledge of the fallen human empire. Elder Archivist Kerath is one of the leading librarians.

The noble eladrin House Ameryth is the pre-eminent family in the city of Merithalar, led by their house elder, or Corthanor. While not technically a royal house, most beings living in the city defer to the wisdom and guidance of the Corthanor of House Ameryth. The symbol of House Ameryth is a crossed sword and spear before a rising sun. Amongst the non-fey, the Corthanor of House Ameryth is often referred to as the Lord of Spring’s Dawning.

The noble House Mistwinter is an extensive clan of eladrin, renowned for their skill and expertise in arcane fighting techniques. Counting many swordmages, bladesingers, and wizards among their ranks, many of the Mistwinters serve at both the Thaless Eluraenen and within the city spell-guard. The symbol of House Mistwinter is a silver harp before a crescent moon, encircled by stars.

Other noble elf and eladrin houses reside in Merithalar, but none carry the weight or influence of these families.

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