Morgil's Hold

Morgil’s Hold is an ancient, fortified keep at the end of the Eastway, where the Red Water River empties into the Lake of Wyrms. It is the ancestral home of the Corbray family, a noble family sworn to the service of the lords of Hawkstone. The current ruler of the Corbrays is Anson Corbray, a tall, powerfully built man in his early 30’s.

A village has grown up around the keep, numbering a few hundred people. Primarily human, it also is home to a few elves and a surprising number of dragonborn. Morgil’s Hold is one of the few markets regularly visited by the dragonborn of Bahirin and the Cairn Hills. They are also one of the few villages trading with a relatively peaceful tribe of gnolls in the Cairn Hills, and as a result, the lord and people of Morgil’s Hold are more open-minded than most.

Notable NPCs
Lord Anson Corbray, human nobleman and ruler of Morgil’s Hold

Sir Zander Corbray, the Green Stag knight, younger brother of Lord Corbray

Moritus ux Varati tiber Donnar, dragonborn commander of the guard, member of the Stone Hawks, and personal bodyguard of Lord Corbray

Corky Ballyrush, halfling merchant and owner of the Brightsun General Store

Merikus, tiefling merchant and owner of a general store

Taerenoth, elven owner of the Goldenfire Tavern

Quintain Bors, human owner and proprietor of the Brighthearth, an inn and tavern

Recent News
A great battle broke out in the store belonging to Merikus. A group of adventurers were seen accusing the tiefling merchant of criminal activity. Weapons were drawn and spells were hurled, causing severe damage. Those unfortunate customers inside at the time were lucky to escape unharmed. A small, strange-looking, fey creature was seen near the shop at the time, pointing inside and squealing “Demonic chanting! Demonic chanting!” leaving many to wonder what happened. As of yet, no official investigation has occured, nor has Merikus or the adventurers since been seen.

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Morgil's Hold

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