Mythas is an independent mining town that is situated on the northern shore of the Lake of Wyrms, in the foothills of the Lakesrim Mountains. Numerous small mines dot the rocky wilderness in the area around Mythas. The city does most of its trade with these mining settlements, as well as other human and dwarven villages throughout the region. It also does steady trading with Hawkstone, the city across the Lake of Wyrms. During the summer months, the northern roads clear enough for the merchant caravans to make their way to the city of Hammerfall.

Mythas serves as the focal trading point for numerous small mining operations throughout the region. Many craftsmen and artisans turn these raw materials into high quality goods, which are traded to smaller nearby settlements, or to Hawkstone across the lake. There is a small amount of local fishing, hunting, and forestry that sustains the city, but not enough to export.

Typically, Mythas houses around 5,000 citizens, although that number may fluctuate with the trade season. It is home to a large number of humans and dwarves. Most nature-loving fey creatures avoid this place, so few elves, eladrin, or gnomes stay here very long. Dragonborn and half-orcs are not uncommon here, many finding employment as guards or mercenaries.

Mythas is ruled by a grim, dour human, the Lord Evictus Ilchammer. It maintains a small town guard that is very well trained. In times of emergency, nearly half the population can be roused and formed into a militia. Lord Ilchammer is a strict, no-nonsense ruler.

Calden Vross is a Captain in the city guard who often deals with local adventurers. Open-minded and nearly always willing to listen, Captain Vross commands a fierce loyalty from his subordinates.

The Unconquered Sun is the local temple to Pelor. One of the earliest buildings erected in Mythas’s history, The Sun is a large stone building with high arches, soaring buttresses and intricately beautiful stained glass windows. The Sun was targeted in a recent invasion of the city and a fair amount of the stone walls and stained glass was damaged during the fight. Most of the senior clergy were killed during the incursion. Alain Golaire is currently the highest ranking priest of Pelor in Mythas and has taken command of the church of Pelor in the city, with Pelor’s blessing.

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