Thorlian Crest

Thorlian Crest is a fey town, mostly elves with a few eladrin and gnomes, that is well guarded by the very woods that surround it. Magic runs thick through this wonderous place, and like many other larger elf and eladrin cities, contains a portal that connects the town on the real world to another settlement in the Feywild. The very air feels like silk on one’s skin, and it seems to have highly recuperative properties, seemingly healing a person’s aches and pains.

Thorlian Crest is known for the skill of its druids. A large portion of the population are practicing druids, either teachers or students. Apprentices from all over Hawkstone Vale come to learn from the primal masters. For the most part, the teachers instruct all races, from young to old, novice to masters.

Thorlian Crest lies at the edge of the Gleaming Forest and the Dragonwater River. Despite lying on the river between Hawkstone and the village of Hawksbridge, little merchant traffic stops or passes through the town. An old hunter’s trail is all that connects the town with either of the other human settlements. The town’s elves maintain good relations with other fey settlements, most notably Merithalar.

Thorlian Crest is not far from the ruins of the Malachite Fortress, as well as another ruined elven city near the mouth of the Felanduin River. In fact, many of the citizens of Thorlian Crest can trace their direct ancestry to those who once lived in the ancient elven settlement. A few of their kin still patrol the woods that surround the devastated city, seemingly to warn the unwary from any dangers that may yet lurk in the dark ruins.

Recently, reports have come in that Thorlian Crest has been under attack from evil forces from the Feywild. Some inhabitants have even rumored to have been kidnapped by these invaders, although for what purpose, none can say. Nothing has been heard from Thorlian Crest since then.

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Thorlian Crest

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