Westreach is a village at the edge of the Hawkstone Vale, on the coast of the Lake of Wyrms. Once a larger town, Westreach has diminished over the last fifty years. Now, maybe less than two hundred people permanently call Westreach home. This has resulted in a great deal of urban decay, with many old, abandoned buildings left to collapse into ruin. While humans hold a slim majority, there are a great number of eladrin, elves and half-elves, not including a number of nomadic elven clans that roam the nearby woods.

The inhabitants of Westreach make their living from hunting, forestry, and fishing. They maintain a limited amount of trade with the cities of Hawkstone or Mythas, usually crossing the lake instead of overland routes. Other than these traders, Westreach keeps little other contact with the rest of the vale or the outside world. For this reason, many people throughout the vale view citizens of Westreach with a little suspicion.

Unlike most settlements, Westreach has very little in the way of centralized government or law enforcement. This results in a blend of gang-mentality and feudalism, with the weaker townsfolk pledging their loyalty and service to their stronger peers, in exchange for protection. Some of these alliances will extend only to blood family, while some stronger groups will control many city blocks.

Notable NPCs
Quinn Bronn, Cleric of Pelor. Quinn maintains a chapel dedicated to Pelor. It is the largest, most well-attended church still active in town. Although Quinn is getting along in years for a human, his keen mind, insightful wisdom, and friendly manner have made him very popular among the remaining townsfolk.

Places of Interest
The Smiling Siren, the only inn and tavern in Westreach. They rarely have overnight guests, save when a trade ship docks overnight. Many of the locals come to the Siren for drinks and conversation. Most of the natives tend to keep to themselves, with little interaction with visitors.

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