Darkness Gathers

A fight and a disastrous attempt to Raise Dead

(Sept. 6th game night)

The party entered a fierce battle against a powerful and skilled opponent, the wizard Marthell. The wizard invoked many powerful spells and incantations, causing great harm to many of the heroes at once. As the struggle worn on, the wizard revealed he was an imposter, actually an incubus demon that was capable of replicating both Marthell‘s appearance and mannerisms. Not only that, but the incubus proved able to possess a vulnerable mortal’s body, even controlling their actions and turning them against their allies.

The demon proved to be a crafty and deadly opponent, and its attacks seemed particularly focused on eliminating the party’s healers. While the heroes were able to eventually prove victorious and cause the incubus to flee, it came at a great price. The aftermath of the battle showed that Sasha had been killed. It was with a quick and grim determination that her companions moved to secure the area and prepare her body for a Raise Dead ritual.

The party rested to regain their strength and Alena began the necessary steps to restore Sasha. The eladrin witch performed the ritual to completion and the deva was returned to life. A dark, shadowy portal began to form however, and wraith servants of the Raven Queen emerged to reclaim Sasha.

The party resisted and proved strong against the cold necrotic energies of the wraiths. Far more dangerous was the icy, stifling aura that surrounded the lead wraith and inhibited healing energy. The other wraiths also possessed a soul-piercing shriek that seared the minds of the the mortals. This time, both Sasha and Brathis fell beneath the withering touch of the wraiths, and the rest of the party watched in helpless horror as the wraiths collected the bodies of the fallen and disappeared back through the portal.

Numb with shock and grief, the survivors recovered as best they could. In pained silence, they headed back to Hawkstone, guilt and anguish following their every step.

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