Finding the Path

The party returns to Hawkstone and their way becomes clearer.

(August 9 Game Night)

After defeating the cyclops, the ettin, and the displacer beast, the party searches the enemy’s campsite. They discover a bag full of severed heads, some treasure, as well as a letter. Among the loot, they found a gold statue formed in the twisted likeness of the two-headed demon lord, Demogorgon. The party burnt the ogres’ trophy heads, collected the treasure, and took the heads of their vanquished opponents and returned to Merithalar.

The party went back to the library and discovered that the names House Zar’Haelirin and Fae’Hardrimm were drow and seemed to implicate the dark elves involvement somehow. Later, the party returned to meet with the military leaders. They showed the eladrin the severed heads and trophies taken from their fallen enemies, as well as a copy of the letter they found. The military council thanked them for their help and rewarded them with several thousand gold pieces. The party pledged their aid should further trouble arise, then took their leave.

After leaving the Merithalar, the party returned to the dryad grove, to say farewell to Tessryn. The fey spirit was in good sorts, cheerfully telling them of the ogres’ scattering. After thanking the party again for their help, she pointed them on their way and they left to make their way back to the Hawksroad.

Around dusk, they made it to the main road, and they set up camp for the night, occasionally feeling as if they were being watched. In the morning, they set out northwest, heading for Hawkstone. Not too far from their camp, they found the remains of a group of ogres, their severed heads mounted on pikes. Unable to find any other tracks or clues, they continued on their travels.

The party continued unmolested for another day, although again, as they were making camp, they had a brief sense of being watched. Still unable to find anything amiss, they camped for the night. In the morning, they searched the surrounding area. The party was a bit unnerved to discover a spot nearly eight feet off the ground, in the trees, where something sharp and/or metal had recently scraped bark off the tree trunk. Too linear and uniform to be a natural occurence, the thought that someone or something was stalking them was unsettling. But with no other clue, the party soon continued on their journey back to Hawkstone.

The trip back to the city was uneventful and the party quickly went to work, trying to tie up loose ends. Sasha went to the Guilded Dagger, to try and contact the spymaster Kel. Lyris went to the Magistus Arcantheum, to learn new rituals and entreat the masters there into letting the party use the college’s teleportation portal. Brathis went shopping, eventually ending up at the Rising Sun, and befriending Garen. A member of the Crafters, Garen was also a friend of Alek Erevis. The shop owner vowed to send word to his friend to meet with the party while in town.

While the party had split, Sasha had left word at the gambling den for the spymaster Kel that she had a job offer for him. Later, Kel or one of his associates contacted the deva while she prayed in the temple of Pelor. Sasha negotiated a deal in which Kel or his team of spies would surveil the tiefling Merikus, a suspected assassin in the town of Morgil’s Hold. The spymaster agreed to the terms and left the deva to her prayers.

Later, the party returned to the Firebrand warehouse where a tiefling assassin had made a secret lair. The furnishing in the tiefling’s room looked to have purposely been burnt. Breaking into the rest of the warehouse, they discovered crates full of weapons, armor, and other non-perishable supplies. Though the Firebrand emblem was seared upon the crates, faint ridges and markings seemed to indicate that perhaps the Firebrand had covered another symbol. The party took a plank of wood with the markings and left, trying carefully to hide evidence of their presence.

The party returned to the inn and soon met with Alek Erevis. The noble warrior mentioned a few of the Crafters’ most recent investigations, as well as the group’s activities further north, near the city of Mythas. The stirring of evil activities in both regions painted a grave picture. The news of elemental creatures searching for an imprisoned primordial in the Lakesrim Mountains was disheartening. Alek also mentioned that demonic cult activity in Hawkstone Vale seemed to be increasing.

Alek left soon after, but not before vowing to get in touch with Greagor, a fellow Crafter who worked at the Magistus Arcantheum. If any could help the party at the arcane college, it would be him. In addition, a barmaid presumably working for Kel picked up the payment the spymaster required.

The next day, the party met with Alek‘s associate Greagor. He told the party of a missing professor, Brithian Baylond. The instructor had taken a number of apprentices and students with him to investigate an ancient, ruined wizard’s abode. Greagor vowed that if the party could return with Brithian, or at least deteremine his fate and recover his ivory wand, then Greagor could use his influence to allow the party access to the arcane college’s teleportation portal. The party agreed to help.

On their way out of town, the party stopped by to talk to the wizard Annazar. Something of an expert on Dalaran ruins, he suspected the ruins they were investigating was once the home to a former apprentice to a Magelord of Summoning. He warned them of magical traps and wards that they might see, as well as any relics they might recover. The party thanking him for the information, then departed in search for the ruins and the missing wizard.

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