Into the Dragon's Lair

The party decided to descend into the opening at the top of the rocky plateau, confident that the dragon’s lair was hidden within. Trinkstein volunteered to descend first. He was the least experienced climber and clumsy on the rope. If he fell, at least he wouldn’t hit an ally on the way down. Malroc agreed, though with reassurance that he and the rest of the party would follow soon after.

The hole descended about twenty feet through stone, before giving way to a much larger cavern, perhaps an additonal fifty feet in height. The afternoon sun illuminated the cave directly beneath the opening, but much of the rest of the cavern was still shrouded in darkness. Trinkstein gave a sigh as his companions finished tying the rope securely to a nearby tree. His arms and back were still sore from the climb up the butte, but the stoic invoker didn’t offer a complaint. With a whispered prayer and a wave, the dwarf grasp the line and began his descent.

As Trinkstein painstakingly lowered himself hand over hand, he was able to catch glimpses of the cave he was entering. Stalactites and stalagmites were scattered throughout the cavern. Just beneath the opening, it appeared that a large stalagmite had been broken off, and rainwater had collected in the resulting basin. Just beside it, a small, ten-foot wide pit in the floor of the cave continued further, deeper beneath the earth.

The party descended into the dragon’s lair and wass ambushed by its dragonspawn minions. They were also joined by a dragon wyrmling, as well as the larger dragon who commanded them. The battle was fierce and difficult. As the party battled the dragonspawn, Malroc could hear the dragons talking between themselves. The minotaur was especially disconcerted to hear the bigger dragon hiss, “Mother is not going to be pleased.” The younger wyrmling could no longer resist entering combat and its older sibling quickly followed. The party soon found themselves overmatched, especially once the dragon’s forces were reinforced by the returning wyvern. There was a pit that lead to a tunnel beneath the lair, and the party was able to escape into it.

The pit and tunnel served as the dragon’s waste disposal and numerous bones littered the floor of the tunnel. Beneath the dragon’s lair, they encountered a gelantinous cube, an ooze that feasted on the dragon’s castoff garbage. Weakened after the fight with the dragon, they almost were engulfed in the gel cube. Using outstanding teamwork, they worked together to destroy the mindless ooze. Seeing no pursuit from the dragon’s forces, they paused a moment to consider their next course of action.

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