The Wizard's Intrigue

A tower and a song

Before leaving Hawksbridge, the party found out that the wizard Marthell had been seen recently in town, looking for one of his apprentices. It was rumored that she had stolen something and fled his service, possibly hiding in town. In more welcome news, one of the Stone Hawks had discovered and killed the tiefling assassin, the one that had tried to end Barristan Hark’s life.

Remembering that they had previously sought Marthell‘s aid, the party agreed to make a quick visit to the wizard’s tower before they headed north to Hawkstone, to find a cleric to raise Trinkstein.

They arrived at Marthell‘s tower and found it abandoned. After a bit of investigation, they discovered clear signs of battle, with devastation that ranged throughout the tower. Many of the tower’s magical defenses were still active and the party had to fight their way through them to find clues of what happened. They could find no survivors, and little of value. Of the wizard, Marthell, and his apprentices, there were no signs.

The party salvaged what little they could, and the group resumed its journey north to the city of Hawkstone. The limp body of the dead dwarf Malroc carried was a a grim reminder to everyone that time was of the essence. They moved with a sense of urgency, and covered a great number of miles that first day.

As the sun began to set, Stravo Vangelis’s keen hearing picked up the sound of pipes playing in the distance. Even at this long range, his trained ears detected the pull and persuasion of magic masterfully laced within the tune. He warned his companions as they moved to investigate, and the careful drow took precautions to stuff her ears with leaves and perhaps mitigate the power of any enchanted song.

A clearing in the woods a few hundred feet ahead revealed a campfire with two figures around it. One was a female in long, ornate robes, who lay prone and motionless, with blankets around her, while the other sat on a nearby log, playing the aforementioned set of pipes. As the party approached, Crono and Malroc recognized the musician as a satyr, a mercurial fey creature of magical power.

Just being close to the satyr as it played made many of the party feel sleepy, and the satyr refused to stop playing. They attacked the fey creature. It had a charmed displacer beast waiting hidden in the woods, and it immediately leapt out to attack the party. The battle was difficult as the satyr laid many fey enchantments that made it difficult for the party to progress. Thanks to the party’s teamwork and perseverance, they were able to vanquish the satyr and its displacer beast thrall.

Once the satyr and its enchantments died, the prone woman was soon roused from her magical slumber. At first, she tried to give them a false name, but after a bit of questioning, confessed she was in fact Lyris, one of Marthell’s apprentices.

Lyris told the party of what happened at the wizard’s tower. Demons disguising themselves as men broke in to the tower, looking for something. One of the demon leaders was suspected to be an incubus, capable of taking the form of another, or even possessing their body entirely. Marthell and his apprentices fought them, and the spell battle devastated most of the building. One explosion slammed Lyris to the ground, knocking her unconscious. When she woke, she saw her master defeated and being tortured. The other apprentice, Agrana was nowhere to be found. Afraid for her life, Lyris fled the ruined tower, with only her most essential items. Her plan was to head north, perhaps to Hawkstone or back home to Westreach.

The party agreed to accompany her to the city of Hawkstone. She feared pursuit by demons, and the party could use the abilities of a trained, experienced wizard. After resting for the night, the party continued north. They saw no pursuit, and no signs of war or battle. Before long, the city walls of Hawkstone came into view, and they approached the city gates.

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