Tanner - Deceased

Halfling Ranger


Tanner – Blade Dancer

Lvl 13 Halfling Ranger, Fighting Style Two-Blade Fighting Style

Alignment: Unaligned Hieght: 3’-8" Wieght: 79 lb Age: 22 Deity: Sehanine

ABILITY SCORES Str 19, Con 16, Dex 21, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 11

Defenses AC: 27 Fort: 23 Reflex: 24 Will: 23
HP: 98 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 24

TRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics, Athletics, Dungeoneering, Heal, and Stealth

FEATS Lethal Hunter, Two-Weapon Fighting, Blindfighting Warrior, Light Blade Expertise, Weapon Focus (Light blade), Nimble Dodge, Superior Will, Underfoot


  • At-Will Power: Twin Strike, Hit and Run, Hunter’s Quarry
  • Encounter: Cut and Run, Timely Dodge, Sweeping Whirlwind, Strength of Earth, Cross-Body Parry, Second Chance
  • Daily: Jaws of the Wolf, Ranger’s Agility, Snarling Wolf Stance, Ranger’s Recovery, Open the Range, Misleading Bladework

ITEMS Serpentskin Hide Armor +3, Lucky Halfling’s Short Sword +3, Gambler’s Short Sword +3, Amulet of Physical Resolve +2, Acrobat Boots, Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Belt Pouch, (2) Sun Rod, trail Rations, Hempen Rope (50ft), Water Skin


Tanner - Deceased

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