Serida Bonhart

Serida was one of the few permanent clerics that reside in the village of Hawksbridge and was the priestess that tends Threecoins Chapel, a small church dedicated to Avandra. As Hawksbridge houses a sizeable merchant population, services at Threecoins Chapel are usually well attended.

Serida was a human female in her late 40’s, with short, graying hair. She was never a great beauty, but she had a kind and generous heart that has endeared her to many in the village and beyond. She had an almost motherly concern for those who came to her for aid, and none were ever turned away. Serida was selfless and tireless, and she worked hard to keep her flock healthy and prosperous.

She was recently poisoned, most likely while dining with friends in the crowded common room at the Rest on the Run. The identity and motive of her poisoner is still unknown. She was taken ill for a number of days, before being revived by the Heroes of Hawksbridge, with an antidote specially made by Eth Elleric. Upon her recovery, she was able to perform the raise dead ritual upon the slain goliath, Luak

Recently, an assassination attempt was also tried against the town magistrate, Barristan Hark. After the Heroes of Hawksbridge rescued the wounded magistrate, they brought him to Serida, so she could accelerate a full, speedy recovery. An investigation into the assassins’ weapon showed that they used the same poison that was utilized against her. The realization that these attempts were likely linked and organized by the same people had left Serida somewhat shaken. As a result, she had become somewhat more withdrawn and guarded than usual.

When the orcs and minotaurs attacked Hawksbridge, Serida fought as hard as any soldier. Seeing the invaders superior numbers, Serida singlehandedly battled her way to the center of the bridge leading into Hawkstone. She invoked a divine wrath that destroyed many enemies as well as much of the bridge, but appeared to be consumed in the devastation as well.

Serida Bonhart

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