Tir Kitor

Tir Kitor was once an eladrin city at the western edge of Hawkstone Vale, near the mouth of the Felanduin River and the foothills of the Redstone Hills. It once had a strong trade partership with the dwarves of the Malachite Fortress, and the allies created many wonderous items of power.

The city was destroyed by an unbound primordial, Ty-h’kadi, a mighty primal entity of thunder and lightning. The noble High Mages of Tir Kitor utilized their last resort, an ancient binding ritual that demanded all of them sacrifice their lives to power the enchantment. The primordial was bound and trapped beneath the city, and a ward was placed about the ruins, that prevents evil from crossing the boundary. The storm primordial’s attendants were trapped in the city, and his followers outside could not enter to help their master. After many years, a group of adventurers entered the city and with the help of holy relics and the gods themselves, more permanently bound the primordial. In doing so, they inadvertently shattered the ward and freed the primordial’s minions imprisoned within.

The city of Tir Kitor appears to be ruins, quiet and undisturbed. The weather in the area around the city fluctuates between peaceful serenity and stormy tempests, echoes of the storm primordial bound beneath the city streets. Demons, evil elemental creatures, and restless undead are known to haunt the ruined city.

Tir Kitor is also the current home of Dayreth, a half-mad eladrin wizard obsessed with the creation and development of the perfect constructs. He has been using the presence of the elementals, siphoning off some of their energy to power his creations.

Known Noble Houses
House Griffonsheld
House Omberdawn
House Starym

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Tir Kitor

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