Bahirin is a dragonborn village located in the Cairn Hills, on the eastern edge of Hawkstone Vale. Built upon the ruins of an ancient dragonborn city named Bahirindranoth, the village is surprisingly well fortified. The dragonborn inhabitants are a proud people, with a well deserved reputation for their martial prowess. They tend to keep to themselves and trade very little with the outside world. The infrequent dragonborn trade envoys travel most often to Morgil’s Hold or the Bronzehammer Halls.

Every so often, a number of their younger villagers go out into the world to seek their fortune. Many of the dragonborn in the rest of the vale can trace their lineage back to Bahirin and the Cairn Hills. The dragonborn of Bahirin number three or four hundred at most, but even the simplest dragonborn shepherd or farmer can double as a ferocious and devastating warrior.

Recently, a demonic entity infiltrated the village and held the dragonborn enthralled or captive. Able to move effortlessly from person to person and dominate them at will, the demon would often possess a villager and force them to torture, maim and eventually kill their own family members. Fear of this kept the populace from acting against it, until a group of adventurers arrived and dispatched the demon. With the demon finally gone, the village has just begun the process of recovering from this horrifying and traumatic occupation.

Village NPC’s

Korin Stonefist, male dwarf merchant, originally from the Bronzehammer Halls.

Krav Flamebrow, male dragonborn cleric who tends the local shrine to Bahamut and oversees the construction of a new temple.

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