Character Death

Character death, while not always permanent, is a real possibility in this campaign. Some encounters, meant to be challenging, can become lethal if poor planning and tactics are used. And sometimes the random dice rolls just aren’t in a player’s favor. In these instances, a player may generate a new character of the level equal to the lowest level surviving character in the party. The new character’s class should fill a similar role as the deceased, or at least fill a role that would not unbalance the party. The new character’s race, class, and background may be subject to certain constraints and limitations, as determined by the game, story, and your DM. There may be a delay on introducing the new character into the campaign, depending on the situation within the story and/or game.

In some instances, players may have the option to make a secondary, or back-up character. This secondary character will be made under the same rules as their primary PC and will be the same level as the lowest level surviving character in the party. Again, the secondary character’s class should fill a similar role as the player’s primary character, so the party is not unbalanced. The purpose of having a secondary character pre-made, is so the DM may introduce the character to the campaign and the party in advance, while the players’ characters are all still alive. This allows the event of the new character’s joining the party to be more fluid, rational and natural to the storyline.

As a different option for replacing a dead character, there are a large number of NPCs that will be introduced to the PCs over the course of the campaign. In the interest of game/story continuity, it may make more sense to play as an NPC that the party has had contact with before. Some NPCs are clearly of a player class (for example, Thoradin Ironstar is a dwarf paladin), while other NPC’s classes may not be immediately obvious. Talk to your DM about other NPCs available for play.

If, in the event that you choose to convert an NPC into your new character, your DM will provide you with a complete character sheet for your new character. Your new character will begin play as either the same level as your deceased character, or as the average party character level, subject to the DM. You will be able to initially retrain one feat/power, as if you had just levelled up with your new character, but otherwise will begin play with the character given to you.

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Character Death

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