Gods of Andrannar

(The following list is copied directly from the 4E Player’s Handbook, with a small amount of reprinted material. The concept of Divine Domains is explained in Divine Power )

Commonly worshipped deities

Avandra, goddess of adventure and trade.

Bahamut, god of justice and honor.

Corellon, god of magic and the arts.

Erathis, goddess of cities and law.

Ioun, goddess of knowledge and prophecy.

Kord, god of strength and storms.

Melora, goddess of the wilderness and the sea.

Moradin, god of craftsmen and the earth.

Pelor, god of the sun and time.

The Raven Queen, goddess of death and winter.

Sehanine, goddess of the moon and love.

Evil Deities

Asmodeus, god of tyranny and domination.

Bane, god of war and conquest.

Gruumsh, god of destruction and slaughter.

Lolth, goddess of spiders, shadows and lies.

Tiamat, goddess of wealth and greed.

Torog, god of the Underdark and torture.

Vecna, god of necromancy and secrets.

Zehir, god of darkness and poison.

Demon Lords

While not properly deities, a number of different cults dedicated to these Lords of the Abyss can be found throughout the dark and corrupt places within Andrannar. The majority tend to be brutish and savage humanoids, but the tainted reach of the Abyss lurks even in the heart of a civilized metropolis.

Baphomet, demon lord of beasts.

Dagon, demon lord of the depths and forbidden knowledge.

Demogorgon, Prince of Demons.

Grazzt, demon lord of tyrants.

Orcus, demon lord of the undead.

Yeenoghu, demon lord of savagery.

These are only the most commonly known and widely worshipped Lords of the Abyss. There dwell numerous others that lurk in the corrupted chaos that is the Abyss and can claim the title of demon lord.


Primordials are not truly gods, but elemental beings of incredible power, with the might to rival any deity. Most existed before the rise of the gods, bringing forth raw elements from the primeval chaos. In the Dawn War, the gods warred against the primordials for the lordship over the newly formed world. The gods won and the primordials were slain, imprisoned or scattered, their power subdued. While not commonly worshiped, some few mortals form cults that venerate the primordials as the true creators of the world.

Archomentals are primordials that are the pinnacle of their respective elemental force.

Sunnis, The True Stone, archomental, patron of good earth creatures, sometimes venerated by dwarves and miners

Ty-h’kadi, Prince of Thunder and Lightning, a storm primordial

Gods of Andrannar

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