Hammers of Moradin

The Hammers of Moradin, also simply called The Hammers, are a group of dwarven adventurers led by the paladin Thoradin Ironstar. Their current roster includes:

Balaim Bronzehammer, a strong and courageous fighter
Nalthren Bronzehammer, a wise and mighty invoker
Karthain Steelheart, a powerful and fiercely devout cleric of Moradin

The Hammers are currently in the Redstone Hills, securing and sanctifying the burial site of many of their kinsmen, slain by kobolds and a young blue dragon. They also plan on assisting the village of Hawksbridge if war is unleashed, as well as safeguarding the evacuation of innocent people caught in the path of the invading minotaurs and orcs.

They are on good terms with the Heroes of Hawksbridge, as the Heroes recently did Thoradin a personal favor. They were introduced to the party (at the end of game session 3) before the Heroes left for the Malachite Fortress.

Hammers of Moradin

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