House Rules

Character Creation
During the process of initial character creation, players are given the option of selecting character backgrounds. These backgrounds are used as story and role-playing aids and help flesh out a character’s backstory and motivation, as well as providing a small mechanical benefit. Depending on which background a player selects, it may effect the course of the story and the game, as well as possibly providing in-game options and benefits for the character.

Character Themes are not currently supported. Any new characters created for use in Andrannar will not have themes, other than for simple flavor.

Also during character creation, the players are given the option of rolling their stats or selecting an above-standard array of ability scores which is higher than given in the PHB. See the individual campaign information for details.

Legacy Items
Legacy items are special, unique magic items that can grow in power with the PC that owns them. Originally, legacy items were a mechanic introduced in D&D 3.5, and the version presented here is the DM’s attempt to recreate the mechanic for D&D 4E. This is essentially a way to replicate the PCs having multiple magic items, without them physically equipping them with a dozen different items. Increasing the power and mystery of some items, while minimizing the necessary number of magic items required to succeed will hopefully help capture the tone the DM is looking to present in this campaign.

Magic Item
Items introduced in the Dragon 410 article, “Thingamajigs of the Barrier Peaks” are not available in Andrannar. As sad as it might make you, powered armor, blaster rifles, and laser pistols have no place in this campaign. The fact that you even thought about it makes me want to slap you in the face. With a shovel.

Other than the monk, psionics and the psionic power source as introduced in the PHB3 is currently unknown in Andrannar. Thus, the Ardent, Battlemind, and Psion are currently unavailable classes. If you wish to play such a character, talk to your DM and have a good reason for your proposed character’s introduction.

A radius of 20 squares (100 feet) seems a little much for a cheap, common item, so for this campaign, a sunrod will only shed bright light for 10 squares (50 feet), and low light for another 5 squares (25 feet).

Swordmage warding grants a +3 AC when wielding a weapon one-handed, or +1 AC when wielding two-handed. It has been pointed out that adding/removing a hand is a free action and can be abused by a sequence like: On attack – use a free action and add a hand and do +1 damage, use a free action and remove the hand and retain the +3 AC bonus. Thinking about this loophole makes me so mad that I want to punch baby kittens in the face. Thus, however you choose to make your attack will affect your swordmage warding for the entire round. Deal with it.

Aside from these, there are no other house rules currently in effect.

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House Rules

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