Marthell was a human arcane spellcaster in his early to mid 30’s. Little was known about him, as he rarely came to the village except to gather supplies. He lived in a modest tower just beyond the Hawksbridge village limits, and few bother him. Why a wizard would choose to make a residence in the small village is unknown, although it is agreed by most that he was very powerful and knowledgable in the realm of arcana. He would rather immerse himself in his arcane research than involve himself with any of the townsfolk.

Marthell was served by two apprentice arcanists, Lyris and Agrana. They were the ones seen most frequently in the village of Hawksbridge, buying food and supplies for their master. Recently, the party has come into contact with Lyris. She has told the party that Marthell was attacked in his tower by a number of demonic creatures, including beings that could disguise themselves as men. The wizard and his apprentices fought them, but in the end, Lyris saw her master captured and tortured. She fled before she saw his final fate, but the half-elf apprentice assumed her master was slain.

After adventuring for some time, Lyris encounters what appears to be her former master, Marthell. One of her companions recognizes a foul presence, and Marthell is revealed to be an incubus impersonating the wizard. Over the course of the battle with the demon, the creature reveals that Marthell is dead, ripped to pieces by demonic enemies.

Marthell had grudgingly agreed to help the Heroes of Hawksbridge decipher texts, and uncover the people and places written about in enemy documents. Since his disappearance, it is unsure what clues or information he may have discovered.


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