Mountains of Iron

Aside from the Ice Peaks in the north, the Mountains of Iron are the tallest and most forbidding mountains in Andrannar. Forming a natural barrier between the fey realm of Celenesta and the rest of the world, the Mountains of Iron serve to keep barbarians and raiders from disturbing the forests of Cethriel. Many who try and explore the mountain range get lost amidst the fog-enshrouded valleys and canyons, or fall prey to the fearsome beasts that lair here.

The mighty dwarven kingdom of Thorandurak sits on the western part of the mountain range. It is legendary for the masterful quality of its craftsmen and artisans, although it has rarely opened its main doors since the rise (and subsequent fall) of the empire of Dalar.

Along the central section of the mountain range is the near-mythical city of Heartsilver Pass. It is a settlement founded in alliance between the dwarves of Thorandurak, the elves and eladrin of Celenesta, and the men of Atria. It serves to protect the only known pass over the mountains, a hidden road that leads straight to the heart of the fey kingdom. Its location is almost impossible to find without prior knowledge, and the members of the alliance work hard to keep it that way.

The mountains are home to many fierce creatures, the most dangerous being dragons, wyverns, drakes, hydras, and griffons. Aside from the predatory creatures, mountain goats and alpine sheep can be found here in large flocks. The mountains themselves are rich in metal ore and minerals, though none but the dwarves dare mine them.

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Mountains of Iron

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